ditching wordpress

Posted by Alex on Saturday, November 20, 2021

Once upon a time, so the story goes, I kept a blog on Blogger. The time came for something better, so I moved my blog to WordPress. Things were good for a time. They were so good that one blog begat a second and then a third. I even added a fourth, self-hosted site.

Then my urge to blog waned.

When the urge returned, I went back to my WordPress hosted sites to find them strewn with adverts. And they seemed to be much slower to load than I remembered. Behind the scenes, there were more configuration options and themes than you could shake a forest of sticks at. Changing theme had become a trial. Writing posts with the online editor was slow, despite the interface now looking very slick indeed. I really didn’t like what I found.

The same had become true of my self-hosted site. Well, minus the plethora of adverts.

My thoughts turned to finding something simpler. But what?

I didn’t have an answer. But I knew it was time to ditch WordPress.