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Got myself one of these Kobo Clara HD eReaders a wee while back. Very impressed. Much better to read on than a mobile phone. More portable than a tablet. Lots of eBooks available from Kobo. But I can also read eBooks from Google and Amazon on it. So that’s great if you don’t want to be tied to a particular ecosystem. There’s also the option to borrow books from your local library using OverDrive.

ditching wordpress

Once upon a time, so the story goes, I kept a blog on Blogger. The time came for something better, so I moved my blog to WordPress. Things were good for a time. They were so good that one blog begat a second and then a third. I even added a fourth, self-hosted site. Then my urge to blog waned. When the urge returned, I went back to my WordPress hosted sites to find them strewn with adverts.