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Greetings fellow human. Welcome to my small slice of the interwebs.

You’ll find various things that I’ve created over the years spread among these pages - an assortment of music, written word and some photos. A smorgasbord of stuff that I’ve pieced together when not working at my day job.

btw the site is still a bit of a work-in-progress as the layout needs a bit of tweaking here and there. So beware of glitches.


Check out some songs I recorded using an acoustic guitar and a standard tape deck before adding a few effects and background noises. Or some tracks built from an assortment of loops, effects and voices. LISTEN


How about some very short format horror? As much as I could convey in just a couple of sentences? READ ON


Coming soon! Some short stories that you may eventually be able to download as eBooks. COMING SOON