amcs :: creative stuff

A collection of the assorted bits and pieces that make up a life.


Everyone thought he’d gone because he said, “See you later,” and they watched him leave. But every night he’d creep from his basement hideaway to study them whilst they slept.


They had been hearing sounds outside the caravan for over an hour: whispers; muffled footsteps; a snort; metallic scraping; and now the door handle was moving. “Why the hell did I let you talk me into stopping here,” she hissed, “I told you that Free Overnight Parking sign looked dodgy.”


Frantic knocking at 2:45am is never a good sign, thought Albert as he glanced at his bedside clock. He hustled downstairs and opened the door to a very unexpected Valentine and the last thing he saw - a young boy armed with a bow.


He was struggling to think of how he could make Valentine’s Day as special as his birthday. Perhaps he could dress as cupid and pay a late night visit to some random house, armed with the very real archery set he had received from his estranged father.


Sorry honey held up at office going 2 b late home So who the hell just parked your car in the garage?!