amcs :: creative stuff

A collection of the assorted bits and pieces that make up a life.

The Banana Dealer

“That’s correct, sir. I sold bananas for a living.” He bowed his head as he spoke. “And were you always fair to your customers?” The patriarchal gatekeeper adjusted his headset, moving the microphone closer to his mouth. The man shuffled his feet and glanced sideways but did not respond. “I’m afraid you’ll have to answer all my questions before I can allow you to proceed.” “Well,” he began, “I…” “Well, you?


A shadow swooped down across the night’s backdrop of many stars, stopped before him, resolved into something reptilian with ragged wings and scythe-like claws that slashed at his heart. They found him in the morning, lifeless and soulless but unmarked, claimed by death’s night-time embrace.