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A collection of the assorted bits and pieces that make up a life.

The Llama

“This isn’t what I signed up for at all. No damn way!” An idle Wednesday afternoon, with nothing but a laze by the pool scheduled, had become a complete nightmare. She was a lingerie model, he a llama, and the chase was on. The agency called just after lunch and begged her to fill in for Maria, who couldn’t make the shoot. Again! How that lazy sod expected to succeed in the modelling trade was a mystery.


I - Parakeet I looked down from my tree and saw a large, furry animal feeding upon the remains of a smaller but equally furry animal. At first I felt sickened but quickly mastered the urge. “Nature must run it’s course,” I declared. “Cobblers!” the green and red parakeet I shared my perch with exclaimed Silence enveloped us once more and we watched the red sun sink slowly beyond the distant horizon.